Planning Application

1)Feasibility: We will visit your home for consultation. This element will cost you nothing and ends with us providing you with a detailed fixed price quotation for all design elements.


2)Site Survey: On average takes 4 to 6 hours on site to measure existing property.


3)Proposed Drawings: This will be the first draft of your proposed extension or new build house. These drawings will allow you to review and make changes before we submit them for planning approval.


4)Submit the Application: When you finalised the design other details are added required by the planners. We will then complete all necessary application forms, design/access statements and submit the application on your behalf.

Building Regs Application

1)Building regs drawings: Details are added to the planning drawings specifying details for all 14 parts of the building regulations such as: Structure, Fire safety, Site Preparation, Drainage Etc.


2)Submit the Application: After we completed the drawings and consulted structural engineers if required, we will then complete all necessary application forms and submit the application on your behalf.


3)After the Application: Building regulation can take up to four weeks with any feedback from building control incorporated into the drawings by us. Once building control has approved the drawings you will have a detailed set of working drawings that can be given to your chosen builder.


Energy Statement

When submitting plans for a new residential development, you will be required to submit an Energy Statement alongside your planning application to your Local Planning Authority (LPA) at the very start of the project process.

These statement submissions, which can also be referred to as Energy Strategy Reports, should demonstrate how specific local energy efficiency targets will be met.

As accredited  Energy Assessor we can produce a Energy Statement to meet planning application regulations.

Water Consumption Calculations

It is a requirement of Approved Document G of the Building Regulations that all new dwellings (including those created through a material change of use) must achieve a projected water consumption of no more than 125 litres per person, per day. The projected water consumption is to be calculated in accordance with the methodology set out in The Water Efficiency Calculator for new dwellings.

We can provide you with a copy of the calculations required for compliance with Approved Document G. Furthermore, to ensure every dwelling achieves a pass we will advise you on the minimum acceptable efficiency for each fitting.